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Bamberg State Library

The Bamberg State Library (German: Staatsbibliothek Bamberg) is a library in Bamberg, Germany. The library was founded in 1803. It is operated by Bavaria, a state of Germany.


There are about 571,000 books in the library. The oldest of them are from the Middle Ages.

There are also about 6,400 manuscripts in the library. Among these is the Bamberg Apocalypse, a richly illuminated manuscript from the 11th century. The Bamberg Apocalypse and two other manuscripts were recognized in UNESCO's Memory of the World register. Some of the library's oldest manuscripts were brought to Bamberg by the Holy Roman Emperor Henry II.

The library also contains 3,600 early books that were printed – not handwritten – before the year 1501 in Europe, known as incunabula.