Would you like to make scans yourself? Would you like to order the production of reproductions? The Bamberg State Library offers both possibilities.


Please understand that reproductions of books and items from our special collections that are in need of restoration are only produced by our staff upon request.

Making Scans

A book scanner is available in the reading room. There is a charge of €0.05 per scan, which you should pay in cash to the reading room supervisor. You can scan originals up to size DIN A2 and save them on a USB stick. USB sticks with 16 GB storage capacity are available for € 7.00 from the reading room supervisor. Of course, you can also bring your own USB stick.

Readers for Microforms

For your comfort, printers and scanners for microfiches or microfilms and readers for microforms are available in the reading room. A prior reservation is recommended for use of these devises. Please call us at +49 951 95503-101.

Please bring a USB stick with you to save the scans. USB sticks are also available for € 7.00 from the reading room supervisor.

Ordering Reproductions

We will produce photos of fragile pamphlets as well as of items from our special collections, as long as the document is viable. You may submit the reproduction order in person or send it to us by email. We recommend that you communicate with our photographer before placing your order which quality requirements and delivery modalities correspond to your needs and how the order processing is best.

Please note that a minimum fee of € 10.00 is charged for each reproduction order. The minimum fee does not apply to pick-ups without invoicing. Orders from abroad can be processed after the payment has been received.

Publish Reproductions

Through our digital collections you can see reproductions of numerous manuscripts, old prints and fine art prints and drawings. A download as PDF or JPG file is usually possible. Unless otherwise stated, the digital copies already available are under the Creative Commons license CC BY-SA 4.0. You may reproduce and redistribute this material, modify the material for any purpose, and build upon it, as long as you refer to the Bamberg State Library as the source, specify the shelfmark of the document and use the same license in case of distribution.

If you would like to use an image that has not yet been published in our digital collections for publication, this requires prior agreement and the written permission from the library (§ 9 and § 25 of the Allgemeine Benützungsordnung).

The source reference must be stated with the correct citation in the following form:
Staatsbibliothek Bamberg, shelfmark. Photo: Gerald Raab

For holdings of the Bamberg Historical Society in the Bamberg State Library please use:
Staatsbibliothek Bamberg, Historischer Verein Bamberg, shelfmark. Photo: Gerald Raab

The publication fee (for publications in printed or electronic form) depends on various factors (e.g. circulation, size of the image). We will inform you individually of the fee by email. We appreciate any copies of the publication.

Image Research

Manuscripts and early prints with illuminations, historical book covers, prints, watercolors and hand drawings, oil paintings, portraits and busts, glass paintings, globes and maps, posters or photographs - the State Library Bamberg preserves a wealth of objects in our collection from which we can provide illustrations and images.

We are happy to assist you in finding suitable images or objects from our collections. Please send your request by email directly to our photographer or speak to us personally.