Come with us on an expedition through our library and exhibition, benefit from the know-how of our staff and gain new knowledge with the help of our wide range of tours.

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View Behind the Scenes

Since 1965, the Bamberg State Library has been situated on Cathedral Square in the New Residence, erected by the Prince-Bishop of Bamberg, Lothar Franz von Schönborn between the years 1697 and 1703. The entrance hall and the reading room are open to the public free of charge during our opening ours. During special exhibitions, the Sterngewölbe and the Scagliosaal can also be visited.

Upon request, you can have a look behind the scenes during a group tour and visit the historical showrooms of the library. In the course of a tour through the house, we will inform you about the Bamberg State Library, its premises and the treasures that it guards, its 1000-year-long tradition and its present-day functions. Please make an appointment with us for your visit in advance.

Tour Through the Exhibition

During our opening hours, you can visit our temporary exhibitions individually at any time. Furthermore, we offer free public tours for individuals at fixed dates. Previous registration is not necessary.

Moreover, we gladly arrange special tours for groups at your desired date. These group tours are also free of charge.

Workshop Tour

The digitization of medieval manuscripts is part of the day-to-day business of our photographer. He has already created more than 100,000 images. How are these precious book treasures prepared, photographed and archived for the purpose of digitization? And why all this effort? Our photographer will provide answers to these and other questions in the course of a workshop discussion.