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We support both learners and teachers in their work and offer space, material and expert knowledge for this purpose.

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Seminar Room

On the second floor, the Bamberg State Library houses a seminar room for the use of groups. The room seats a maximum of 20 people. Computer, projector and flip chart are available. The entrance to the seminar room is not barrier-free. There is a lift that is suitable for a maximum of four people at a time.

Practical Exercises

University seminar groups, particularly students of history, art history, linguistics and literary studies, can work in the Bamberg State Library with objects from our historical collections (manuscripts, old printed books, fine art prints and drawings) subject to the items’ state of conservation. If you are interested, please get in touch with us preferably at an early stage. 


Book Production in the Middle Ages

Before the invention of letterpress printing around 1450, every book had to be written by hand. It was mainly monastic writing schools, so-called scriptoria, that were dedicated to this task. Anyone who understands the expensive, time-consuming and intricate process of creating a medieval book can estimate the extraordinary value that such a manuscript possessed at the time.

We offer – primarily for school classes – an introduction to medieval book production in our seminar room. We are happy to adjust to the thematic focus and the time scope as well as possible points of connection to contents discussed in class.

Scriptorium Suitcase

The scriptorium suitcase is a small medieval writing school (a scriptorium) which can be borrowed. The contents of the suitcase are meant to convey the work and craft of a monastic writing school in a practical and plastic way. The scriptorium suitcase is mainly aimed at teachers and university lecturers and has been designed for small groups of up to 15 people. With the help of an overhead transparency which shows the famous Bamberg Schreiberbild, all individual production steps of the medieval book production from the drying of the animal hide up to the binding of the written parchment sheets can be retraced.

The materials contained in the suitcase – parchment, papyrus, leather, feather quills, inkwells – are all meant to be touched and tried out. This way, the medieval book production can be “grasped” step by step. Introductory literature and a video film about book production in the Middle Ages complete the scriptorium suitcase.

The suitcase can be borrowed free of charge if collected in person.

You can also find information on medieval book art and medieval writing schools in the project Heinrichsskriptorium. The project, which is mainly aimed at students and teachers, offers information on the mediaeval communities of writers, painters and bookbinders and their working techniques. A special feature are the custom-made initials that can be downloaded and further used.

Exhibition Tours for Students

You would like to visit one of our temporary exhibitions with your class? We offer age-based tours and are happy to adjust the thematic focus, the duration of the tour and possible points of connection to contents dealt with in class.

Training Courses

We are happy to offer individual help and advice regarding the use of the Bamberg State Library. For that, please turn to our staff in the reading room.

Concerning training courses for groups, we would like to point to the wide range of offers of the Bamberg University Library. The University Library continuously offers introductions and courses that enable visitors to use a scholarly library and search for literature in a targeted way. These offers are open to students as well as to pupils and teachers.